Robin Hood - On The Outlaw Trail Again


Robin Hood: On The Outlaw Trail Again!

The third and final book in the Robin Hood trilogy by Richard Rutherford-Moore.

The third and final book in the author`s Robin Hood trilogy is quite larger than his two previous works and follows a theme of the Birth, Life and Death of Robin Hood.

In `On the Robin Hood trail again` the author takes the reader in the footsteps of the world-famous outlaw from the remains of Nottingham`s `other` Castle and the ghostly grave of Robin Hood and Maid Marian in Sherwood by the old medieval road into Derbyshire past the empty grave of Little John in Hathersage up to the Dark Peak passing through a grim but evocative mountain pass via "Robin Hood`s Cave" across an unseen border into South Yorkshire to visit the traditional birthplace of the famous outlaw at Loxley, going north through Barnsdale over Went Bridge to the traditional site of Robin Hood`s death crossing old but bloody battlefields and another county boundary to end by the seashore at Robin Hood`s Bay having explored and exploded several myths associated with the legend along the way.