Robin Hood Book- Hardcover


title: Robin Hood, the TPB
story: Paul S. Storrie
art: Rich Gulick, Scott Lemiens, Nate Melton
cover: Joel Naprstek

ISBN: 0-9726443-6-9
150pgs, grey-scaled b/w, squarebound, rated PG, $15.95

Three thrilling adventure tales in one volume by ("Gotham Girls") Paul D. Storrie!
Two have never before seen print!

This volume includes "Robin Hood and the Minstrel", which is a "director’s cut" version of how Alan-a-Dale joins the Merry Men.
There’s "Robin Hood and the Knight", another "extended version" of one of the classic tales.
And then there’s "Robin Hood and the Jailer", which is an all new, all original (illustrated prose) adventure yarn!

"Paul Storrie has a nice ear for dialogue and writes in a very authentic manner. I could almost believe that we were in that time period and listening to the tales being spread and exaggerated by the campfire."

"Moonstone (who is) responsible for a fine Sherlock Holmes story and the engaging Mr. Nightmare succeeds with Robin Hood and the Minstrel...!"-

"Unlike some of the movies featuring the character, Paul Storrie portrays this classic character perfectly. In addition and most importantly, he makes the story interesting."